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The tool of access and communication and your ideal choice for building relationships.
As part of the community, we understand and accommodate the needs of our customers, and we choose with them the language and method of interaction.
Our ability to be with the client, the public and the media platforms with our understanding of all parties.
Anything that can guarantee our appearance, influence, and relationship making, is our specialty, our role and our work.
In innovative experiences and in the journey of unique, successful and brilliant projects.
Because our multi-skilled team is harmonious and has extensive experience.

Our Services

Managing public and media appearances

In Elaqat, we influence through communication messages. We influence opinions and behaviors through managing public and media appearances.

Managing and writing creative and journalistic content

We are distinguished in “Elaqat” with our experience journalistic and creative writing. We also offer visual audible contents in all fields.

Media training

In Elaqat, we have an integrated team for media training and qualifying, to manage the public relations, media and communication departments in various agencies, as well as qualifying personalities for media appearances.

Managing press conferences

Our team has sufficient experience to organize, plan and implement media conferences, while considering all government procedures.

Media Relations Management

Our team of experts works in an organized way to promote and reflect the positive image of the organization, as we connect it with the local and international communities.

Strategic planning for public relations

We have the experience and long-term planning, and we provide everything that achieves effective communication between the organization and society. Moreover, we have the experience that qualifies us to crystallize news and intellectual construction and benefit from it.

Media monitoring and documentation

We have an integrated team to monitor all news and information related to the occasion or the organization. We also show you what customers are saying about your brand, which is done through technology, which is supported by artificial intelligence.

Media crisis management

We have a comprehensive briefing on the pillars of the media and communication process. We also develop media strategies to confront crises, know the appropriate media tools for each crisis, and develop diagnostic and analytical skills for crises of all kinds and strategies to contain them. In addition, we know the pressure points and the strengths, and we draw up media policies to confront crisis and emergencies.

Media campaign management and planning public relations

We work in “Elaqat” to prepare and manage media campaigns in a professional way, so that we put your organization in the forefront and the world hears about you.

Our Clients

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